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If you want to get technical…our story really started in 2009, when Cecilia claimed with great certainty that she was taking her newly acquired aesthetics license and was going to start her own business with it.

BUT, to avoid getting into the weeds of those 6 years of learning the ropes and experience, we’ll jump right to the good stuff…

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How long will my wax last?

Will getting my nostrils and ears waxed hurt?

Can you wax a beard?

Can I get a wax if I'm on Tretinoin or another Dermatologist topical?

Does the peel hurt?

Will I actually peel?

Will I look like Samantha from Sex and the City?

Henna brows are more expensive than the regular brow tint, is it worth it?

What is the difference between the brow tinting and henna brows?

How long will the Henna stain my skin?

Can I get a brow lamination if I've had microblading done?

Can men get a brow lamination?

After the first 24 hours and I wash my brows, what will they look like?

My brows are super light, will I still see a difference?

Do men get their brows tinted?

If I have gray or really course brows, should I get brow tinting or the henna brows?

Do men get their brows waxed? 

Can I get a brow wax if I'm on Tretinoin or another Dermatologist topical?

Can you help shape my brows or help grow them out nicely?

Can I still wear mascara after a lash tint?

Should I wash off my eye makeup before I come to my appointment?

Should I get a lash tint or a lash lift?

Do men get their lashes tinted?

Can I still wear Mascara?

Will it damage my lashes?

How long will my eyes be closed?

Do men get lash lifts?

Should I wash off my mascara before I come in?

Am I a candidate for lash lifts in Kansas City?

How do I know when you are using the booster?

Do the boosters really make that big of a difference?

Can I choose which booster I get?

Is there anyone who shouldn't get the Enhanced LED Therapy?

How soon after Botox and fillers can I get the Enhanced LED Therapy?

How do the 4 different technologies work?

I'm nervous that the eye treatment will be too rough around my eyes...

How can I take care of my eyes at home?

Should I take my contacts out if I'm getting an eye treatment?

Does Gua Sha hurt?

Can I get the Gua Sha massage in Kansas City if I've had botox or fillers?

What does Gua Sha mean?

Can I get a 'Bar Power Facial for my treatment every month?

What's the best way to prolong the results of my 'Bar Power Facial?

Can I get a 'Bar Power Facial on my first visit?

Can I get a Dermaplaning treatment if I have acne?

Can I get a Dermaplaning treatment with a beard or stubble?

Do you do extractions during the Dermaplaning treatment?

Is the Dermaplaning treatment a facial? Or should I book a facial with the Dermaplaning treatment?

Will my hair grow back thicker or darker?

At what age should someone start getting facials?

How often should I get a facial?

Will I break out after my facial?



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Happy Clients

Did a wonderful job!
- Ashley
Super friendly and efficient!
- Kegon
Always amazing and so sweet!
- Edna
I LOVE coming to the Facial Bar!!!
- Jordan
Wonderful job. I’m so pleased
- Suzanne
Amazing! Love how my henna brows turned out!
- Jenn
Love my brows!
- Amber
5 stars!
- Mariah
Karly is great! Very educated and answered all my questions
- Alexandra
Love, love my brows!
- Kristin
Alexia was amazing! Such a sweet girl and talked me through the entire process! I will be back!!
- Lauren
Amber is an artist and I love how my brows turned out! Couldn’t be happier with my service!
- Jenn
Go see Amber at The Facial Bar, KC location! She’s a gifted artist and your brows deserve the best! I had a brown lamination and brow tint done, the results are incredible! Highly recommend Amber!
- Jennifer
I love getting my brows tinted! It helps so much!
- Jessica
First time and I am so happy. Thank you for doing a great job!!!
- Amy
"Loved it!  My eyebrows are sparse and the tint made them look fuller. I’m going to try the lamination next time I visit. Thank you!
- Kelly
Eyebrows are perfect. So precise!"
- Sara
It was my first time getting my eyebrows waxed and they look great!
- Morgan
fantastic job!!! i absolutely love my brows. i will be back in 4 weeks! thanks so much."
- Kimberly
I love the facial bar!!
- Becky
My esthetician was super awesome! I had a lovely appointment and I’m really happy with my results. Thank you!
- Stephanie
They are amazing at what they do! I recently did a 3 part chemical peel series with them, and my face looks and feels incredible! The atmosphere is clean and relaxing and I love the easy check in and check out process! 5 stars from me (:
- Kristen
I felt comfortable and safe coming here!
- Caitlin
Amazing!! Eyelashes are perfect.
- Sara
"It was my first time at the Facial Bar. I received a wonderfully relaxing facial, gua sha massage, and a painless lash tint as well (I have had multiple lash tints at other spas and this was the first one completely sting free!).
- Sally
Service was excellent! Everyone was very kind and professional. Loved the results of my lash lift.
- Christa
It was my first time getting a lash lift. They did a great job, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process!
- Emily
Thanks for making my lashes look GREAT
- Lisa
I felt very comfortable and very pleased with my experience.
- Debbie
Love my lashes!! So happy I got the lift and tint done
- Maddison
Friendly and professional staff. Relaxing & bright space that smells like heaven. Fab music playing.
- Lacy
Amazing experience! Good bye eyelash curler!
- Tatiana
This place is a hidden gem. Their lash lifts are $30-$50 less than most places. The experience is pleasant and they are all so very professional and kind. Loved my results.
- C
- Ester
Absolutely amazing. The best facial ever. And the best brow wax I have ever had. Ever. So enjoyable and knowledgeable!!
- Emily
Highly recommend the facial bar! I’ve been several times and always had a positive experience. It’s very relaxing and I really appreciate that they offer a massage during your mask. I did the eye treatment add on tonight and it was dreamy. My skin feels and looks amazing!
- Tresa
Very relaxing and my skin looks great!
- Andrea
It was a great zen vibe and very relaxing. I wasn’t for sure what to expect, being an shared space. I will for sure be back and I am thrilled with my new tinted lashes. My facial was wonderful, glad I added the extra massage.
- Kendra
I got my facial + gua sha! As always, they did a fantastic job and I look forward to getting another one done next month!
- Josie
So much fun! Love this place!
- Shelley
A killer experience! My skin never felt more alive, already booked my next appointment!
- Sarah
The treatment was soothing & incredibly relaxing. I am already looking forward to come back in few weeks!
- Esther
Amazing. my skin is getting better after every visit. experienced dermaplaning for the first time today. it was great!!
- Kimberly
Also a fantastic experience here! So relaxing and my skin looks amazing after!
- Anna
Had a wonderful time and experience! Very friendly atmosphere and my face feels lovely! I will be back
- Rebecca
What a wonderful treat to give yourself. They were so kind and it was such a calm quiet environment I very much enjoyed my facial.
- Sarab
So knowledgeable and welcoming. It was a great experience and I will definitely be back for more services
- Olivia
This was my 3rd facial and my skin is only getting better and better! So happy I discovered this place.
- Anna
Amazing as usual and had great advice for my skin!
- Emily
Love getting my facials @ The facialBar. My skin looks amazing afterwards. They are always so nice & takes care of my skin problems.
- Alicia
Always a great experience! The team takes excellent care of my husband and my skin
- Jacquelyn
I love the skin treatment and brown tinte from this place the crew are delightful, nice everyone, always on time, and great customer service. my first skin treatment from this place made miracle on my skin, I done facial from other places, and this is the best place that I'm satisfy with the results.
- Jackie
The Facial Bar is phenomenal all around and I’ve been coming to them since their first location back in 2016 (I believe). I have rosacea and anyone else out there suffering from this less than ideal issue - do yourself a favor and go see Amber! She is highly knowledgeable and an absolute delight too. Prices are very affordable and high quality of skin care products! They are not filled with chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. Might I add smell AMAZING. They recently remodeled so go check it out and your skin will thank you later. Thanks for all you do, facial bar!
- Kierstin
I have been to the Facial Bar numerous times at their downtown location and have had a wonderful experience each time. I’ve had facials, picked up products, and just recently got my brows laminated! They personally dropped off products and at home facial kits to my door step during our stay at home order and have taken all of the proper safety measures since reopening. This is a business that goes above and beyond for their clients. The space is clean and welcoming and the staff is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I love that they are affordable and easy to fit into my busy schedule. I highly recommend this spa. Please support this female owned small business in KC!
- Sarina
Love the concept of The Facial Bar and I really appreciate the staff. Coming from a med spa where I had normally got my facials done, I feel like my experience here was very comparable. I have been here twice now and I have had a great experience each time. I even appreciated their text line and how they didn’t make me feel like I was bothering them by reaching out.
- Cierra
I absolutely love the estheticians here! They are friendly, professional, and highly skilled. I’ve had three different facial services and lash lifting and tinting. The facilities are always clean and they have excellent products.
- Alix
I've been going to The Facial Bar for a few years now and I can't express enough how much I love it. I was ordered by my dermatologist to get monthly facials for my acne and their clinic was super out of my monthly budget and so were most day spas. Who can afford $100-$200 every 3-4 weeks? Then I found out about this place and decided to give it a try since it was a lot more affordable and I can run over on my lunch break. Not only was it as good as facials I've had in the past, I like them better. It's more about skincare than about the smoke and mirrors spa care with whale song in the background. It seems really focused on good quality yet affordable products, good techniques, still a nice dash of luxury, and getting you on your way; sort of like a nice haircut and like my hairstylist, I consider my aesthetician a friend. If you haven't tried a peel, try one of those too. After a few, you'll notice a difference without the med-spa downtime and a lot less money. I usually hit the downtown location but both are really great.
- Beau
I have been a ‘Bar customer for almost two years and recommend it to everyone. Every time I step into the salon, I feel welcomed by everyone. I tell people it is the best half hour of the month because it truly is. My skin has made such improvements with monthly facials. You will not find a place that truly cares about your skin like The Facial Bar does!!
- Jena
This is my new self-care splurge. I have had two appointments and they are absolutely amazing. I am someone who asks a lot of questions and they are very explanatory and patient with me. I end up leaving feeling so refreshed and renewed, plus the glow in my skin lasts for weeks. The vibe overall is great too very cool and relaxing without feeling uptight like some spas.
- Olivia
I loved my experience and look forward to coming back next month!!
- Jessi
Ah-mah-zing facial!
- Lee
Loved my facial! Can’t wait to come back :)
- Sydney
The girl who did my facial was amazing and so kind! It was my first time and she took the time to explain what she was doing and why.
- Addison
They explained every step and answered all my questions, for really my first comprehensive facial and lash tint. Looking forward to my next appointment.
- Alana
Love the facial bar! Literally best facials ever. So convenient and clean with great products!
- Alexandra
So relaxing-be prepared to be lulled to sleep"
- Todd

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