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A Structured Brow with
Longer Lasting Color

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Henna is a longer lasting alternative to regular brow tinting.

Thanks to a careful selection of pigments, this brow henna in Kansas City does not leave a red glow on skin or on hair, but instead beautiful, natural-looking pigment.


Henna brows

Treatment Details

Henna has been used for thousands of years to transfer color onto skin, which we now use in Henna Brows for a well-defined brow.

Henna will stain the skin for up to 10 days and will dye the hairs for 6 weeks.

Time for Treatment:

30 minutes


Henna, Eucalyptus Developer

Treatment Type:

Hair color


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Recovery Time:

Keep dry for 24 hours; do not exfoliate around the brows until the skin tint has faded for best results.

What it treats:

  • Sparse brows
  • Fine brows
  • Gray brows

Our Henna Brows process

What to Expect

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First, we will cleanse, exfoliate, and tone the brow area.


We map the brows and create the outline of the brows.

Henna application

We will apply a few layers of the Henna dye and the henna will process for 20 minutes. During the processing time, you can choose between a scalp or neck and shoulder massage.


We will remove the henna dye from the brows, brush through the brows, and then we’re finished!

ENHANCE your henna brows WITH:


Thicker, softer, bolder brows

A brow henna in Kansas City coats the hair shaft, instead of penetrating the cortex like standard brow tinting. As a result, this gives a thicker, softer, and smoother hair appearance. If you repeat this service, the color will build making vellus hairs appear more dominant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the Henna stain my skin?

What is the difference between the brow tinting and henna brows?

Henna brows are more expensive than the regular brow tint, is it worth it?


5 stars!
- Mariah
Love my brows!
- Amber
Amazing! Love how my henna brows turned out!
- Jenn
Wonderful job. I’m so pleased
- Suzanne

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