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Combining relaxation with targeted results

Searching for the best facial in Kansas City combined with a relaxing, friendly environment? Look no further!


‘Bar Method Facial

Treatment Details

Our ‘Bar Method Facial offers a holistic approach with specialized results based on your unique needs.

We start the process with a skin-softening exfoliation using one of our specialized fruit enzymes. Next, we infuse vitamins, antioxidants and healing ingredients into skin, followed by one of our nourishing masks with ice therapy. We finish each treatment with a customized cocktail of serums and moisturizers—leaving skin healthy and balanced.

Time for Treatment:

30-minute treatment time + 15-minute treatment plan and home care consult


Specialized fruit enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and healing ingredients + ice therapy

Treatment Type:

Preventative, building and strengthening


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Recovery Time:

No down time

What it treats:

  • Compromised Barriers – Repairs from over exfoliation and sensitivities
  • Pigmentation – Maintains brightness
  • Rosacea – Reduces inflammation and preventing condition from advancing
  • Acne prone – Balances oil production, reduce blackheads and occasional breakouts
  • Pro Youth – Preventative skin maintenance and fine line treatment
  • Specialty – Pregnancy/breastfeeding, oncology, and seasonal

Our 'Bar Method process

What to Expect

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Skin consult with our expert estheticians

After discovering the goals for your skin, your esthetician will pull the protocol that’s targeted for you and gather your products. Fun fact: We have 44 scientifically curated protocols for our estheticians to choose from in our Method level. This helps us pinpoint exactly what your skin needs, because we know that one facial doesn’t fit all.

Cleansing and toning

Using a mix of active and non-active ingredients to increase cellular energy, we remove oil/dirt/bacteria and prepare the skin for exfoliation.

Exfoliation and extractions

Properly remove blackheads, congestion, and active breakouts. We meticulously prepare the skin for gentle extractions and do not force extract anything that is not ready.

Treatment serums

We infuse the skin with vitamins, antioxidants, and healing ingredients.

Treatment mask with ice therapy

Nourishing treatment masks with ice therapy to soothe the skin and reduce any redness or inflammation.

Finishing serums, moisturizer, and SPF

Customized blend of serums and moisturizers to keep the skin supported, followed by SPF protection.

Treatment plan + home regimen consult

Concluding your facial your esthetician will work with you to find your best next steps toward your skin goal.



You can expect softer skin with a healthy brightness, reduced inflammation, proper hydration, and cleaner pores.

Over time, getting ‘Bar Method facials regularly will promote skin health by boosting cellular metabolism, stimulating blood flow for nutrients, and keeping your skin strong. In the long-term, this will help prevent or delay the signs of aging.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Love the facial bar! Literally best facials ever. So convenient and clean with great products!
- Alexandra
They explained every step and answered all my questions, for really my first comprehensive facial and lash tint. Looking forward to my next appointment.
- Alana
So relaxing-be prepared to be lulled to sleep"
- Todd
The girl who did my facial was amazing and so kind! It was my first time and she took the time to explain what she was doing and why.
- Addison
Loved my facial! Can’t wait to come back :)
- Sydney
Ah-mah-zing facial!
- Lee
I loved my experience and look forward to coming back next month!!
- Jessi

About the facial bar



  • Prioritizing skin health
  • Purest, highest grade, chirally correct ingredients for maximum results
  • Result-backed treatment plans


  • Less fluff, more good stuff
  • 30-minute targeted treatments
  • Home regimens designed around your lifestyle


  • Small and large size products to fit most budgets
  • Medical-grade facials for less
  • NO COMMISSION company = no pushy sales tactics

Raise the ‘Bar with the best facial in Kansas City!

If you are looking for a specialized facial that combines relaxation with results for healthy skin, schedule your ‘Bar Method Facial today!