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Natural Lashes

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Give your brows a lift, the natural way!

A Lash Lift in Kansas City is a low-maintenance process that lifts and curls natural lashes, lasting between 6-8 weeks.


Lash Lift

Treatment Details

During the lash lift the esthetician:

  • Will gently pull the lashes up from the base to the tip letting you see the full length of your lashes
  • Fan each individual lash out for added volume
  • Add a curl to the lashes

The result? Longer-looking lashes with added volume and curl that open and brighten the eye area!

Time for Treatment:

30 minutes


High quality, cruelty-free, safe, and gentle solutions enriched with biotin, B3, Hyaluronic Acid, Marshmallow extract and more!

Treatment Type:



Low maintenance

Recovery Time:

Avoiding water and heat/steam for 24 hours. No mascara for 48 hours.

What it treats:

  • Straight lashes
  • Short lashes
  • Sparse lashes

Our Lash Lift process

What to Expect

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Preparing the eye area

We clean any oils from the eye area, then tape down your bottom lashes to keep them separated from the top lashes.

Prepping the lift

Your eyes will be closed for the duration of the service, which lasts about 30 minutes. We place a silicone rod on the upper lid and pull up the lashes are pulled with a gentle adhesive solution to perfectly position the curl.

Lifting solutions

Next, we apply perming solution #1 and process this for several minutes before removal. We then apply neutralizing solution #2, which will process for several minutes before removal.

*Optional tinting, adds 15 minutes to the treatment time.

If you opted for tinting, we will apply, process, and remove the lash dye.


We will gently remove the lashes from the silicone rod. We also remove the silicone rod and the bottom lash shield during this time.

Moisturize, dry, and reveal!

After processing the lashes, we apply a moisturizing serum to ensure the lashes stay healthy and hydrated. Finally, we end with drying and fluffing the lashes.


You can expect a reduction of inflammation and redness with a boost of skin strength, hydration, balance, brightness, and firmness.

Skin boosters also provide the benefit of increased collagen, elastin, and antioxidants.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Love the facial bar! Literally best facials ever. So convenient and clean with great products!
- Alexandra
This is my new self-care splurge. I have had two appointments and they are absolutely amazing. I am someone who asks a lot of questions and they are very explanatory and patient with me. I end up leaving feeling so refreshed and renewed, plus the glow in my skin lasts for weeks. The vibe overall is great too very cool and relaxing without feeling uptight like some spas.
- Olivia

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