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Taking your facial to the next level!

A treatment with a focus on advanced exfoliation. Our Power facial is a corrective facials treatment in Kansas City that is relaxing and targeted—giving lasting results!


‘Bar Power Facial

Treatment Details

We incorporate one of our chirally corrected acids into the exfoliation step to boost cellular turnover and circulation. This advanced exfoliation allows for better absorption for the skin to receive antioxidants, peptides, nutrients, and other intelligent ingredients.

These ingredients help boost collagen and elastin synthesis, replenish cells, and strengthen the skin.

Time for Treatment:

30 minutes of treatment time + 15 minutes of treatment plan and home regimen consult


Chirally corrected acids, specialized fruit enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, and skin-strengthening serums and masks + ice therapy

Treatment Type:

Repairing and renewing


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Recovery Time:

Little to no downtime

What it treats:

  • Acne – Active acne, texture, inflammation, post inflammatory pigmentation (reddish scarring left behind from acne)
  • Pro Youth – Fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, age spots
  • Pigmentation- Suppress melanocytes, lighten hyperpigmentation, and disrupt melanin production.
  • Rosacea – Redness reduction, acne rosacea, evening texture

Our 'Bar Power process

What to Expect

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Skin consult with our expert estheticians

After discovering the goals for your skin, your esthetician will pull the protocol that’s targeted for you and gather your products. Fun fact: We have 25 scientifically curated protocols for our estheticians to choose from in our Power level to pinpoint exactly what you skin needs, because we know that one facial doesn’t fit all.

Cleansing and toning

Using a mix of active and non-active ingredients to increase cellular energy, we remove oil/dirt/bacteria and prepare the skin

Exfoliation and extractions

Properly remove blackheads, congestion, and active breakouts. We prepare the skin appropriately for gentle extractions and do not force extract anything that is not ready.

Treatment serums

We infuse the skin with vitamins, antioxidants, and healing ingredients.

Treatment mask with ice therapy -

We provide nourishing treatment masks with ice therapy to soothe the skin and reduce redness or inflammation in the skin.

Finishing serums, moisturizer, and SPF

We apply a customized blend of serums and moisturizers to keep the skin supported, followed by SPF protection.

Treatment plan + home regimen consult

Concluding the facial, your esthetician will work with you to find your best next steps toward your skin goal.



After a ‘Bar Power facial you will notice an improvement in the texture, clarity, and brightness of the skin.

Our ‘Bar Power facials near you are a great way to make quick progress on your skin, without the downtime of a peel.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This was my 3rd facial and my skin is only getting better and better! So happy I discovered this place.
- Anna
So knowledgeable and welcoming. It was a great experience and I will definitely be back for more services
- Olivia
What a wonderful treat to give yourself. They were so kind and it was such a calm quiet environment I very much enjoyed my facial.
- Sarab
Had a wonderful time and experience! Very friendly atmosphere and my face feels lovely! I will be back
- Rebecca
Love getting my facials @ The facialBar. My skin looks amazing afterwards. They are always so nice & takes care of my skin problems.
- Alicia
Amazing as usual and had great advice for my skin!
- Emily

About the facial bar



  • Prioritizing skin health
  • Purest, highest grade, chirally corrected ingredients for maximum results
  • Result-backed treatment plans


  • Less fluff, more good stuff
  • 30-minute targeted treatments
  • Home regimens designed around your lifestyle


  • Small and large size products to fit most budgets
  • Medical-grade facials for less
  • NO COMMISSION company = no pushy sales tactics

Ready to experience the power?

If you’re looking to restore your skin to its optimal health with a treatment for targeted results, schedule your ‘Bar Power Facial treatment in Kansas City or Olathe today!